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Jamie Hull CORE Pro Rider

CORE creates and designs products to meet the needs of athletes in the action sports world. With over 15 years experience in action sports we have worked with everyone from world champions, influencers and photographers to the local skatepark legend. Everyone we choose to work with big and small plays a vital role in our brand. Could you be next?

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  • Jermaine Joel Novak


  • Benjamin Jones

    Hi, I’m Ben jones I’m 22 years old living in Manchester Il, I have been riding on and off for about 6 years.
    Scootering gives me the space/escape from life problems.
    I would love to represent your brand and help promote sales, your company is a very well known brand with a very impressive reputation and it would be an honor to be apart of the team.
    I go to my local park everyday (weather dependent) I also do enjoy riding street.
    I am available to send clips, attend competition, meets as and when requested.
    Many thanks

  • Josh Carter

    Hi my name is Josh Carter, I am a 17 year old male from Wakefield (West Yorkshire England), I have been riding scooters for 4 years and don’t plan on stopping, I ride every day at my local skatepark and try to visit others when ever I can. I also work at an indoor skatepark called LS.Ten as a scooter coach, I’m constantly finding new ways to progress in the sport of scootering and different ways to do tricks/ see what I can add to them. I think your brand is amazing and it would really be an honour to join your team.

    All I want to do is progress in scootering, have fun, help others get where I am and represent the brands that sponsor/ support me when I am out riding, I would share your brand/ company and send in clips when ever you want me to.

    Here are two of my WEB Edits and some Instagram clips;

  • Freddie

    I have been riding for a couple of years and can whip fly out. I would love to promote your brand as I love the products.

  • James Donnington

    Hi I’m 11 and I really the brand. I love going out on my scooter at my local Sherford and would love to join your team

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