Video: How many backflips can Jamie Hull do in a minute?
We put pro scooter rider Jamie Hull to the test to see how many backflips he can do on his scooter in one minute!! G et 10% of your CORE products by using "YouTube10" at checkout
Video: Jamie Hull rides a SCOOTER at a BMX PUMP TRACK?!
We put CORE Pro Scooter rider Jamie Hull to test on a gravel pump track!! Impossible most people would say, but this is Jamie Hull, in his own city so he's not going to let us down. Make sure you...
Video: How to Barspin a BMX Bike with Dylan Hessey
Dylan Hessey teaches you guys How To Barspin on your BMX Bike at Rampworx Skatepark. Make sure you subscribe for more tips and tricks.
Video: Game of CORE: Jamie Hull v Kieran Reilly at Rampworx Skatepark
We got two of our team riders Kieran Reilly (@kieranbmxreilly) and Jamie Hull (@jamiehullofficial) go head to head in a game of CORE at Rampworx Skatepark in Liverpool. We will be releasing a bunch more videos for your guys over...
Video: CORE Calling Shots with Pro Riders Jamie Hull & Halfbarz
CORE Pro team riders Jamie Hull and Jack "Halfbarz" Ward went head to head in a game of calling the shots at Irlam Skatepark in Manchester. Get 10% off the CORE Offical website using code "YouTube10" at checkout.