Help Tomas get a new Wheelchair! WCMX

Tomas Woods is a Local WCMX athlete who suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Postural Tachycardia syndrome, but this hasn't stopped him with his passion for extreme sports.  

After 18 months of using his professional WCMX chair it has become damaged due to extensive use it goes through with Thomas as well as him outgrowing it too. Tomas competes at an intermediate level at the World Championships were he managed to place 4th. This makes him the #1 male Wheelchair Motocross rider in the UK!

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Tomas Woods WCMX fundraiser CORE Action Sports


Sadly his current chair is now damaged due to the extensive use and hard work Tomas has put it through as well as him out growing it. A professional Chair is very expensive and therefore he has created a Fundraiser in order to gather the funds. This will be able to carry on his passion for the sport and keep him active doing what he loves and also Push himself into the next level or progression. 

With a new chair this could mean that Tomas could propel himself and hit that top podium spot at the next world championships. 


Tomas Woods WCMX fundraiser CORE Action Sports


Heres what Tomas has added to his fundraiser

"Hi my name is Tomas I’m 13 years old and I suffer from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which is a connective tissue disorder that causes chronic pain, joint dislocations or subluxations and problems with internal organs. I also have Postural Tachycardia syndrome which means my blood drops to my legs and heart races just from sitting up which makes me feel quite unwell and feint.

I started riding wheelchair motocross (WCMX) in 2020 after getting my first NHS wheelchair unfortunately though that chair was not suitable for sports so we had to save to buy the wheelchair in the picture which I’ve had now for approximately 18 months. During that time it has allowed me to get out of the house and active I even managed to competed in the world championships last year and came 4th in the intermediate division just 6 points behind the pro league which makes me the #1 male rider in the uk and I can’t wait to compete again next year.

unfortunately whilst training in the last 18 months my wheelchair has become damaged causing further mechanical issues plus I’ve grown taller which affects my centre of gravity and now I’m being more active I’ve lost weight so this wheelchair no longer fits me and is now holding me back as it needs to fit snug to your hips to turn effectively and packing the space with pads made from yoga mats just isn’t helping anymore so I really need to get a new wheelchair but they’re very expensive I’ve managed to save £800 by myself but I really need some help now. I’d really appreciate any support no matter how small so I can continue my dreams of competing in the world championships and maybe the Paralympic Games in 2028 when WCMX is hopefully going to be added as a sport or if you have any ideas of other ways I can raise the funds please let me know

At CORE we would like to ask that you Donate to Thomas's Fundraiser, Any Little helps as well as support him on his journey. Tomas also runs a podcast called Action Sports for all, SO make sure you check that out. @tomaswcmx on instagram. 
Tomas Woods WCMX fundraiser CORE Action Sports
Tomas Woods WCMX fundraiser CORE Action Sports
Tomas Woods WCMX fundraiser CORE Action Sports

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