CORE Bike Tube - 20" x 1.75 BMX Inner Tube

CORE Bike Tube - 20" x 1.75 BMX Inner Tube


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These premium inner tubes from Bike Tube Co are made from a high density rubber ensuring a smooth and reliable ride. The essential for every rider, inner tubes. If you don’t have tubes you can’t ride. We recommend have 2 or three in your bag at all times to make sure your session never finishes early. Grab a couple today and keep riding!

Fitting Instructions:

Inflate with air to barely round inner tube
Mount one bead of tyre rim of wheel
Insert tube into tyre inserting valve through hole in rim
Position the rest of the inner tube inside the tyre
Mount the other bead not rim of wheel, starting 6″ from the valve using a tyre lever
Center tyre and tube on rim of wheel and inflate to the required pressure.

Safety Instructions:
Avoid damage to the tyre and tube. Do not use a screwdriver as a lever or any other sharp instruments. Use hand pumps only! Do not use Garage Airlines. Do not over inflate tyres. Check tyres regular for inflation to provide maximum life.

Please note, everybody is different and this is intended as a GUIDE to help you find the perfect fit for your CORE products.

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