New Edit: Stephen Swain & Jamie Willis


Firstly, the edit was sick! Great job. So tell us what was the motive behind this video or was it just a spontaneous idea?
Thank you! The motivation came from having the chance to test and display a new product in Rollerblading. It gave me alot of motivation which is always a good thing! 
Thank you, well the motivation comes from our love to skate really, we had the pleasure of doing the testing for these wheels too so I was skating them for month before hand.
The motivation to put out an edit on them came as soon as I got my heads on the final production version!

Did you guys plan out any tricks for this video?
Usually with most edits i do its just a case of winging it. If i go with an idea it usually ends up getting dropped so iv always found it easier to make it up as i go along.
Yes I planned a couple of tricks I wanted to get done, like the 360 soul to true topsoul and also finally going disaster far side soul on the big up across and down box which was the ender.

Which clip took you the longest to land? 
For me the one that took the longest was the far side soul at the end.

There was a number of lines in this video which is sick, But do you guys prefer filming lines or just single hitters? 

I love putting line down for edit, they can be harder to work in to an edit but they're so much more fun than just single tricks everywhere. Plus its great for showing consistancy!
Depends on the trick really, there’s definitely some signal hitters that I’d say better. But filming lines is always the most fun, you have to work together to plan who’s going where and so on to make sure it comes out right.
If you were to do this again would you film in another park or stick to Rampworx?
Rampworx is great for making edits! Unlike a lot of other parks in the UK, everything is BIG, ledges, rails, boxes etc. Theyre all built to a professional contest standard size so everything just looks better! 
It would be great to get up to Unit 23 too, id love to put an edit out up there for sure! 
I’m always down to skate and film at rampworx because it’s probably the best park in the uk for it, however I’d be keen to get to other parks and film as well. Corby can be really cool for big air and lines, also I’d love to go up to unit 23 as I haven’t been and it looks amazing.
Do you guys plan on doing another doubles edit anytime soon, or do you have Any solos projects in the works?

I dont see why not, it can be hard to find to time to get them done but im definitely up for getting a few of these done! Maybe work on a little series or something!
Yes for sure! We loved filming that and me and Steve really bounce of each other when we skate and that helps to push ourselves to get harder tricks done than we might otherwise.
Currently don’t have anything in the works, but will soon. 
Make Sure you Check Jamie And Stephens Instagram accounts for the Video! 
Jamie and Swain are both currently skating our new Aero inline wheels, Click the link below to check them out! 

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