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    CORE Helmets have become the industry standard in skateboard helmets Stunt Scooter Helmets, BMX Helmets, and kids helmets. CORE Skate Helmets are the only helmet you need for hitting up the skatepark, riding your bike, BMX or skateboard.

    CORE Street Helmets and CORE Action Sports Helmets are available in a variety of colours to suit anybody's style and come in multiple sizes to ensure you get the perfect fitting skate helmet for your head. Make sure you check our size guide for extra details. 

    All of our helmets are produced using the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure the best possible product possible. CORE Helmets are tested and comply with industry standards to keep you safe whilst riding. 

    CORE Skate Helmets

    We have a 15 year background in action sports and skate safety so when it came time to us make our helmets we wanted to ensure we made the best helmet possible. How did we do this? Well, a lot of air miles and trips to the best factories in the world to ensure the highest quality skate helmet could be made. When you're shopping for protection items like helmets and pads, it's important to go for quality. #RIDECORE