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17 products

CORE Stunt Scooter Wheels

Stunt Scooter Wheels are an essential part of your scooter that shouldn't be overlooked. You need a good quality scooter wheel that will help you land those tricks and improve your speed and overall experience on your ride. CORE Scooter Wheels have been designed using our years of expertise in the industry to perfect the ultimate scooter wheel.

Unlike normal scooter wheels, stunt scooter wheels are designed to withstand the stress and forces they encounter when you do tricks. The CORE of the wheel is made from a strong and lightweight Aluminium material which is much more shock resistant and stronger than a traditional nylon CORE wheel. The metal CORE is then bonded to our custom Polyurethane material to improve your grip and responsiveness. All our wheels come pre-loaded with our own CORE bearings to give you that super smooth ride.

Wheel sizes and compatibility can be a tricky obstacle to overcome. Almost all 110mm wheels will fit any brand of stunt scooter. Some scooters are also capable of holding 120mm wheels if you want to ride a bigger wheel. Please check which will size is compatible with your scooter before you buy your new scooter wheels. 

Metal Inline Skate Wheels

Our wheels are also compatible with inline skates that fit 110mm and 120mm wheels, this is very popular with TriSkates users and people that want to improve upon their skating exsperiece. A metal core skate wheel will give you a much more stable and smooth skating experience. Perfect if you're looking to hit up some street skating or even skate Berlin marathon!