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    CORE Protection brings you one of the best riding gloves you will ever use! With our Skin Fit design you will forget you have gloves on whilst riding without sacrificing performance. All our gloves are touch screen friendly so you can keep your Instagram game strong without taking your gloves off, *just make sure your following @coreuk ;-)* Designed for maximum comfort and performance the gloves improve grip, reduce sweat and keep your hands warm whilst riding. CORE’s grip enhancing design allows for maximum feel and responsiveness whilst riding without having a bulky glove on your hands. Change the way you ride with our CORE Gloves!

    What are BMX Gloves and why should you use them? 

    If you are riding any style of BMX you should always consider wearing Gloves. Core Gloves are made from premium material with a skin fit design for ultimate dexterity over all your fingers when you ride. Protecting your hands whilst riding without sacrifing your performance is the sole purpose of ur gloves. Wearing our gloves will cut down the chances injury to your hands when you fall. The sweat resistant and breathable design means you can obtain maximum grip when riding. Alltogether this will enhance your riding experience. 

    To sum up, we reccomend using CORE gloves for all sports and not just BMX. 

    Getting the right fitting GLOVES. 

    Above all it is crucial to get a snug fitting pair of gloves for maximum comfort and effect. If they are too big then you risk having the right amount of grip and dexterity with your hands. If they are too small you also risk damage to the gloves as well as low performance. These will both feel very uncomfortable as well which will effect your riding experience with gloves.

    Gloves should fit snug with no loose sections but not too tight to the point of struggling to get your hands in. New gloves should always fit tight but not too tight, overtime they will shape to your hands and stretch out a little bit to then fit perfectly.

    Before purchasing any of our gloves we highly reccomend taking a look at out size guide to find your perfect fit. 

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