Titanium Bars

14 products

14 products

CORE Titanium Stunt Scooter Bars

CORE has become renowned for making the best titanium scooter bars on the market. All of our Titanium Scooter Bars are made from the best premium quality titanium money can buy. CORE titanium scooter bars are made using the best materials and the highest manufacturing techniques available to ensure a strong and smooth ride. CORE Apollo & Nova bars are available in both 630mm and 680mm to fit any riding style. Tested by the best pro riders in the game since 2017.

Titanium Scooter Bars

Designed for advanced and professional riders titanium scooter bars make your stunt scooter incredibly light and responsive. Titanium bars are a specialized product for use by smooth and proficient riders. Landing incorrectly, throwing bars from any height or dropping will damage the bars. This is not covered by the warranty.